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a html module trick to control another module with js

What We Do



E-Commerce is a type of industry whereby monetary transactions take place in an electronic system such as internet or other computer networks. The technologies that enable these types of transactions include mobile e-Commerce, electronic fund transfers, online marketing strategies, online payment processing and electronic administration of inventory. The transactions may take place on a computer, a telephone or through any other handheld electronic devices such as Smartphones.

02 Hotel Reservation System


Hotel Reservation System is a computerized system of managing and administrating hotels, restaurants and lodges. A properly managed hotel reservation system ensures proper and efficient use of resources, which in result derives more revenue generation and ultimately more profit. It also centralizes the management, which means the changes in prices, property details and condition of all the rooms can be tracked easily.

03Enterprise Portal


An enterprise portal refers to a framework where information, people and processes meet. Enterprise portals are often designed to present personalized information to customers, business partners and general public. It may also serve as a gateway for employees to access company's information . One of the striking features of enterprise portal is its decentralized content management and content creation. The enterprise portal concept is similar to the user profile concept, and manages who gets what permission/s to the website and its content.

04Theater Management System


Theater Management System automates the workflow and operations of a multiplex. A complete theater management system consists of a properly managed website and a thin client, a program that runs on a computer. A proper theater management system integrates content management system, ticketing, show administration, food ordering, processing, delivery and payment methods. It also engages site visitors, disseminates information about the recent releases, upcoming movies and current shows.

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