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a html module trick to control another module with js

  • Get the ultimate experience of open source CMS in .NET

    Take your CMS experience to next level with the advantages of .NET technology.

  • Give Responsive and Adaptive light to your site.

    When design matters you, let that design be the best.

  • When the world is going mobile, why not your business?

    Control your web from any devices possible breaking the barriers of device-dependence.

Feed your business the power of SageFrame.

SageFrame is not just a CMS, but a powerful framework that can be applied to create various web applications like blogs, community portals, ecommerce solutions, personal and corporate sites, and vertical custom applications. With a short learning curve and rapid development process, this framework imparts all the power to realize your business dreams.



Rapid Site Development

Developing a website through SageFrame is a no brainer! Owing to the modular architecture, we have different types of modules ready to be used. Just a drag and drop and you can use the modules already!

Visual Layout Control

This feature allows users and developers alike to customize the web layout easily. Users are able to split, merge and rearrange the web layout as they wish. The visual aspect of such layout control lies in the facility of drag-and-drop management.

User Friendly Interface

SageFrame comes with user friendly interface, which means even the SageFrame beginners can take advantage of SageFrame and build great sites. They do not require any trainings or spend hours of their time just to figure out what SageFrame is all about and how it works.


I strongly recommend sageframe 2.5. if you are looking for .NET CMS. It has most of the features you need.

We Are Hiring!

We are looking for a talented web designers to join our team for full-time.


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